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Business Meeting

2023 FRSTPP Annual Meeting

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

6:00 p.m.

Civitects (Merrill Building - 66 Troy Street, 4th Flr.)

FRSTPP Vice President Michael Keane will host this year's annual meeting. The annual report will be presented and new officers will be elected.


City Nature Challenge 2024


FRSTPP has registered to participate in the 2024 City Nature Challenge to highlight the diversity of Fall River’s Urban Forest. Geared to be a group activity, each group adopts a spot, then photographs insects, plants, and animals that are seen during a specific week in May 2024 (to be announced). Training to sponsor the event in our area begins in September 2023. FRSTPP can become the mentors for students 10-14 and 14-18 and for Scout troops from our area. 2023 results are posted on the challenge website. This is one of the largest community science events in the world and FRSTPP is excited to be part of it in 2024!


FRSTPP is Planning on a Fall Planting Event!

Thanks to a federal grant, North Eastern Tree Service is planting canopy size trees in the South End of the City, including along Kennedy Park, and over 200 trees are being dug in this spring and will be watered under a two-year contract. And thanks to City of Fall River Tree Warden Chris Parayno and his commitment to creating an effective Urban Tree Canopy, FRSTPP is pleased to announce that there will be a planting event for our supporters and community members to participate in this fall. More details to come!

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