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A valuable blueprint for the future! Street tree inventory completed.

In February 2023, the Davey Resource Group completed a Public Tree Resource Analysis and Maintenance Schedule Report for the City of Fall River. Through this inventory exercise, every public tree in the City was assigned a risk rating and a maintenance schedule. The data collected resulted in the development of a five-year tree maintenance schedule that is proactive and includes a proposed City budget for maintenance. Key findings like the percentage of the types of trees in Fall River will increase the planning for more tree diversity for parks and streets, ensuring the right tree will be planted in the right place. The City can now project costs for pest monitoring, replacing aging trees, and improving canopy coverage across all neighborhoods. The report recognizes the benefits of City trees in stormwater reduction, air pollutant removal, and carbon sequestration benefits. There will be federal funds in place to address these climate issues with this inventory completed, and the City of Fall River will be able to find the right matching funds to address the its tree needs. A copy of the Davey Resource Group's report is available for public viewing in the reference room at the Fall River Public Library.

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